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Platform for teaching inspiration – Fill the POS 3 Archive with your cutting edge material

The ESA Education Office encourages every POS Participant to contribute with innovative teaching material for the POS website.
To exchange experiences and get an inspiration for teaching from other colleagues from all over Europe – just have a look in the POS 3 material archive! And don’t hesitate to show your creativity!

Inspiration by demonstration

See the on stage demonstrations from the POS 3 festival in the website from the Institute of Physics (UK). The British NSC compiled the demonstrations which where shown at the Physics on Stage 3 festival in November 2003.

International Youth Astronomical Summer Schools 2004

Students from the final classes who are interested in astronomy will have the opportunity to participate in observations of astronomical objects. The Summer Schools are organized by the Institute of Astronomy with the National Astronomical Observatory, Rozhen and the Informational Center for European Educational Programmes in Bulgaria.

European Science Teaching Awards announced

At the Farewell Dinner of the POS3 festival last night, the EIROforum European Science Teaching Awards were awarded to outstanding partcipants of the festival.

Prince of the Netherlands opens festival

The Physics on Stage 3 international teaching festival was opened today by Prince Johan Friso of The Netherlands.

Festival programme now available!

The provisional programme for the Physics on Stage 3 festival is now available on the festival website.

Open Day registration now open

The registration for the Open Day on Sunday 9 November is now available from the festival website. Teachers who were not selected to attend the full week can visit on this day.

Dutch prince to attend Opening Ceremony

Today it was confirmed that H.R.H. Prince Johan Friso of the Netherlands will officially open the POS3 festival on 10 November.

Festival registration now open

The registration for selected participants to the POS3 festival is now open. You can access it from the festival website.

Festival website now online

The information website for the POS3 festival is now online. Click on the link to find out about the programme and necessary practical information.

Selection meeting for POS3 programme

Today, members of the International Steering Committee met to select the workshops, presentations and performances for POS3.

Deadline for proposals

Today is the deadline for submitting proposals for workshops, performances, presentations for the POS3 festival.

Student parabolic flight campaign beings

The annual ESA Student Parabolic Flight Campaign started today in Bordeaux, France. Over the next two weeks, 150 students will experience weightlessness…

ISC meeting takes place at CERN

The International Steering Committee for Physics on Stage 3 had another project meeting at CERN today.

International Astronomy summer school

This weekend at the National Astronomical Observatory in Rozhen in Bulgaria, an International Astronomical summer school will take place.

ISC meet at CERN in Geneva

The International Steering Committee will meet at CERN on 4 July to discuss the progress of the national activities and the preparation of the third Physics on Stage festival in November 2003.

Proposals selected for final festival

Three performances and five workshop themes have been selected from over 40 proposals made by the National Steering Committees.

Bulgarian national event a success

One of the earliest Physics on Stage national events took place in Varna on 31 May. Over 600 students and 60 teachers from all over the country took part.

Open Day at Grand Sasso laboratories

Considering the enormous success of the first edition, with over 1300 visitors, the National Laboratories of Gran Sasso are arranging their second Open Day scheduled for May 25th.

ISC meet at ILL in Grenoble

The International Steering Committee had another of their regular meetings, this time at Institut Laue-Langevin. They were updated on the national activities and discussed many issues for the third Physics on Stage festival, taking place this November.

‘Yuri’s Night’ celebrated around the world

Tonight parties will be held in hundreds of locations to celebrate the anniversary of the first person in space – Yuri Gagarin. Teams of space enthusiasts are arranging activities to excite people to learn about space and its role in our future.

EMBL to host teacher workshop

Registration is now open for the international practical workshop ‘Biology since the Double Helix’, which will take place at EMBL in Heidelberg from 23-24 May 2003. Participants will hear lectures from scientists active in the field and have the chance to discuss teaching methods with like-minded teachers from around Europe.

Experience CERN for three weeks this summer!

Applications for the 2003 High School Teachers programme (HST03) are open until 20 March. If successful you will spend a full three weeks at CERN from June 29 to July 19, with the opportunity to meet colleagues from throughout Europe and the USA.

UNESCO ‘Bridging Space and Education’ workshop

A number of experts in space education are meeting for 3 days at UNESCO in Paris.

Teach Space in Primary Education workshop

Twenty primary school teachers gathered at ESA-ESTEC for the Teach Space in Primary Education Workshop.

ISC meet at ESO in Garching

The International Steering Committee met at the Headquarters of the European Southern Observatory today to discuss the progress with POS 3 and approve the composition of the proposed National Steering Committees.

POS 3 poster and leaflet available

The minutes of this meeting and final version of the project information document are now available for download from the publications section of this website.

Results of National Representatives Meeting

The minutes of this meeting and final version of the project information document are now available for download from the publications section of this website.

Deadline for proposed NSCs

Today is the deadline for the national representatives to forward the names of their proposed National Steering Committees to the project organisers. Attempts have been made to ensure a broad representation of national education and science experts for each country.

Meeting of National Representatives for POS3

Today national representatives from 20 of the participating countries met at ESA-ESTEC to discuss Physics on Stage 3. Check back to this site regularly to find out when new activities are being launched!

Project information for POS3

The draft project information document for Physics on Stage 3 has been forwarded to national representatives today, along with an invitation to form provisional National Steering Committees for 2003’s activities.

Physics on Stage 2 inspires book of teaching ideas

The Irish NSC have published a booklet of demonstrations and teaching ideas seen at the Physics on Stage 2 fair.

EIROFORUM present new education programme to EC

The consortium of organisations responsible for Physics on Stage presented their plans for a European Science Teachers Initiative (ESTI) today at the launch of the European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme in Brussels.

‘Catch a Star’ webcast

The culmination of the European Southern Observatory’s web-based competition based on astronomy was shown during the European Week of Science and Technology.

‘Couldn’t Be Without It’ webcasts

The webcasts for this EIROFORUM education project took place in English, French and Italian on 7-8 Nov, 2002. View the archived webcasts on the project website to discover how today’s technologies could not exist without smart science.

Nuna – coming soon to a town near you

After crossing Australia in record-breaking time to win the World Solar Challenge, the Nuna car is now touring European schools. The tour began in Stockholm today and will take Nuna to 35 cities in 12 European countries.

Eduspace offers new ways to teach Earth observation

Eduspace is part of ESA’s ongoing programme to heighten the awareness of science and technology education in European secondary schools. The website gives students a portal to space applications and Earth observation technologies.